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If you own a business, run a blog, or even just want to be able to share your life with family and friends, having a website is absolutely essential. In order to be successful with your site, it needs to have an appealing aesthetic and be simple to navigate. If you don't want to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to have a professional build your webpage for you, you should consider doing it yourself. You might be thinking, "I have no experience creating websites!," but this shouldn't deter you. The purpose of this site is to help amateurs learn PHP online free. We offer a variety of web development tutorials and how to make a website tutorials that you can use to help you get started. In our archives, we address an array of topics, so you should be able to find answers to any questions you may have.

There are multiple benefits of creating from scratch rather than using a mainstream CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. You will gain a lot of experience and you will have a lot more control in the end. Mainstream CMSs are good but they have a lot of features that you might not need and they might not have what you actually need. Every feature that you don't use still adds code, and every line of code eats up bandwidth of both the user and the server. In the long run, custom is always better.