This tutorial will focus on MySQL. MySQL is a database that is very popular with web servers and it works very well with PHP. What is a database? Let's get the basics down first. A database is a bunch of tables. If you ever used Microsoft Excel, it's basically the same thing. You have different columns and rows and every table has its own name.

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Today's lesson will be on hashes, encryption, and salts. Encryption and hashes are often mixed up because most people who use these two words can't tell them apart. I'm going to teach you what they are and how they work together. What is encryption? Encryption is a process that turns data into an unreadable format that requires a key or password.

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Today you will learn about arrays. This will make it easier when you have multiple pieces of data that you need to process. What is an array? An array is like a list. It contains multiple pieces of data. $array = array('Michelangelo','Leonardo','Donatello','Raphael'); How do you call an array? You need to call it by the order in which it appears in the array.

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This week's lesson will be about dates. How do I store dates? The easiest way is to store dates in timestamp format. Timestamp is a number that has counted every second since 1970. Since it is just a number, it is a lot easier to manipulate the date format. How do I get the current timestamp and date? // Timestamp format $timestamp = time(); // Date format $date("M j Y, g:i a"); How do I convert timestamp into a valid date format? You need to tell it what format you want the date to be.

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Today I will show you how to send emails with PHP. Do I have mail? First of all, you need to find out if your server allows you to send mail. This is between you and your server. Most paid servers have mail and most free servers do not. If you do not have this function, this tutorial is useless to you.

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